13.04.2005 General News

Asantehene Suspends Dagbon Talks

By Chronicle
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Kumasi, April 13, 2005 (Chronicle) -- The battle for the regency between the Abudu's and the Andani's for Dagbon before the burial of the late Ya-Na seems to be standing in the way of peace talks at the Manhyia palace, as the two gates have still not been able to come to a compromise.

This issue of who should become the regent of Dagbon is gradually dragging the burial of the Ya-Na further into the future.

Each of the two gates is claiming that the regency must come from their end and at the same time argue that as customs and traditions of Dagbon are concerned, until a new regent is selected, the burial or funeral of Ya-Na could not come off, let alone the enskinment of a new Dagbon chief.

At the meeting of elders from both the Abudu and Andani gates at the Manhyia Palace headed by the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II in Kumasi, yesterday the two factions were made to declare their stand on the issue.

The Abudus do not seem to agree with the Andani's position that a regent has to be enskinned before the burial could take place since, according to them, the burial and funeral of Ya Na do not depend on the selection of a regent.

The Andanis on the other hand are saying that the decision is based on the customs and traditions of the Dagbon traditional council.

The Abudus contended that the late Mamudu Abdulai was Ya Na of Dagbon but when he died, his funeral was not performed as custom demands of a King and that a regent was not also selected.

They are however calling for a befitting funeral and at the same time a regent for the late Mamudu Abdulai.

The Andanis were quick to point out that the late Mamudu was not a Ya Na and for that matter could not be given a befitting burial.

According to them, Mamudu was deskinned as a King of Dagbon.

The Abudus stressed that the Supreme Court of Ghana ruled that the late Mamudu was a Ya Na and must be considered as such without confusion, and wondered how the highest court of order could be belittled.

They argued that the late Mamudu's son is in a better position to become the regent of Dagbon since he is a recognized son of the late Ya Na Mamudu, as far as the court ruling and traditions and customs of Dagbon are concerned.

The Andanis are also refusing to accept the fact that the late Mamudu's son could become a regent.

According to them, even if the late Mamudu was declared by the court as Ya-Na, the issue should be left out, and rather concentrate on the burial of the late Ya-Na Yakubu.

Meanwhile, in his report to the Asantehene after the scheduled burial failed to take place in Yendi, the acting President of the Dagbon Traditional Council, Kuga Na, stressed that the Abudus' point on a befitting burial cannot hold since the late Mamudu died 14 years after he was deskinned.

It was explained further that the late chief was deskinned by the NRC government.

Otumfuo advised the parties to ensure that peace prevailed since all their efforts and deliberations were geared towards peace for the development of the area.

He, however, blamed the two factions for being the cause of the confusion in Dagbon, since, according to him, both have failed to speak the truth and proved to be selfish in their dealings with each other.

He has, consequently, suspended meetings to broker peace, as he is travelling and will be away for two-weeks.

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