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13 February 2017 | Opinion/Feature

Is Free SHS Enough?

Victoria Osei Sarfo

FCUBE (Free Compulsory Universal Education ) is a constitutional requirement as follows

38. (1) The State shall provide educational facilities at all levels and in all the Regions of Ghana, and shall, to the greatest extent feasible, make those facilities available to all citizens.

(2) The Government shall, within two years after Parliament first meets after the coming into force of this Constitution, draw up a programme for implementation within the following ten years, for the provision of free, compulsory and universal basic education.

(3) The State shall, subject to the availability of resources, provide

(a) equal and balanced access to secondary and other appropriate pre-university education, equal access to university or equivalent education, with emphasis on science and technology;

(b) a free adult literacy programme, and a free vocational training, rehabilitation and resettlement of disabled persons; and

(c) life-long education.
My question therefore is are we finally going to see the reality of this enshrined item, how is the NPP government's free SHS commitment going to achieve these educational objectives ?

What measures are being or going to be put in place to motivate parents to send their children to school whiles they could just support them in their farms?

Although the literacy rate in Ghana keeps increasing, as a country which is attaining retirement age of 60, How appealing or attractive is our educational system?

Notwithstanding I applaud the NPP government in their effort to help achieve this constitutional right is long overdue. On the other hand I wish to see changes made in the education system to make it enjoyable and not a burden or time wasting junture or something we do because majority patronise it

Whiles tackling Free SHS ,Lets readjust our educational system to fit our people, let's make it enjoyable, let's make it more attractive.

Victoria Osei Sarfo

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