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More On CIA Agents Take Over CPP

By Lens
More On CIA Agents Take Over CPP
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April 11 (Lens) -- Documents available to The Lens strongly suggest that Mr. Abel Edusei lied when he denied that he belonged to any committee of the Convention People's Party.

The minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Functional Finance Committee of the Convention People's Party, captured the name of Mr. Abel Edusei as one of the thirteen members present at that meeting, held at the Party's headquarters on 11th March 2005.

Other members listed as being present at the said meeting include the party Chairman, Dr. Edmund Delle, party Treasurer, Mr. Martin Donkor, and the General Secretary of the Party, Prof. Nii Noi Dowuna.

In his inaugural speech to the Functional Finance Committee of the CPP, the Party Chairman, Dr. Edmund Delle, was at pains to establish the constitutional basis of the said Committee, saying, “… let me take the opportunity to establish the constitutional status of this committee. In the exercise of my responsibility to preserve, protect and ensure that this party generates the resources for the achievement of its objectives, I have directed the institution of a Functional Finance Committee to which you have been appointed. It is the specific task of this committee to raise funds to support our struggle for political power in 2007.”

However party insiders say the creation of the so-called Functional Finance Committee is nothing but a subterfuge to circumvent the CPP's constitution. They contend that the CPP constitution does not recognise any body known as Functional Finance Committee.

Quoting article 74 of the CPP constitution to buttress his point, a source told The Lens that the only body recognised CPP constitution is the Finance Committee of the Central Committee. He wondered to whom this so-called Functional Finance Committee would be reporting to and how funds raised by this committee would be utilised.

Article 74 of the CPP constitution, with the subtitle Finance Committee, provides inter alia,

· (a) The Party Fund shall be under general control or direction of a Finance Committee which shall consist of:- (i) The National Chairman; (ii) The 1st Vice Chairman; (iii) The National Treasurer; (iv) The General Secretary; (v) A Financial Secretary, appointed by the Central Committee (as Member Secretary); and (vi) Not more than 10 (ten) other members appointed by the Central Committee; (vii) The Chairman of the Finance Committee shall be appointed by the Central Committee.

· (b) The Finance Committee shall cause to be prepared such monthly and/or quarterly statements of account as shall be prescribed by the Central Committee which shall be forwarded to the National Executive Council by the Central Committee

· The Finance Committee, with the consent of the Central Committee, may raise loans or obtain overdraft facilities for the purpose of the Party upon the security of any assets of the Party and shall have power to execute all deeds or other documents which may be required for the purpose;

· The Finance Committee, with the consent of the Central Committee, may invest all or any portion of the Party Fund in any savings Bank in Ghana, or in any investments as the Committee may deem appropriate.

Many in the CPP are of the view that Mr. Abel Edusei's denial that he belonged to a committee of the CPP could only be because he is aware that there is no constitutional basis for such a body as the Functional Finance Committee of the CPP.

We have refrained from publishing the minutes and other documents in view of their confidential nature. Stay tuned for more of the wheeling and dealings in the CPP.

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