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07.02.2017 Opinion

Loving Planet Earth

By Abongo Mashood
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This article seeks to understand the current role political leaders, policies makers, and environmental scientist play on environmental management for sustainable development. The article will evaluate the concept that political leaders and political elites are concern about the environment, through empirical studies the political elite gather to make policies that will help reduce the rate of environmental changes but they do not have the political will to effectively implement these policies.

In 2006 toxic waste was shipped by vessel Probo Koala from Dutch oil firm Trafigura that casues death of many lives in Abidjan, In Ghana 1000 of electronic waste ranging from fridges, damange computers that contains leak toxic substances such as lead and mecury that destroy the lives are shipped to Ghana and end up in the damping site call Agbogbloshie. Yet government official knows about it, the individuals called boggers(Ghanaians abroad) who export this goods from developed countries to Ghana knows about it and the ports authorities knows about the dengers but our love for money overcome our love for life.

Climatic change has become an issue among world leaders, individuals and the environmentalist, the worst affected are developing nations. The dangerous waste from developed countries, find their way to developing countries especially in Africa. Africa environment has over the century faced climate change as a result of environmental pollution that has significantly caused by individuals and industries, the increased emission of carbon dioxide, methane, waste management and other greenhouse gases. The causes of environmental pollution is by human activities, individuals has now understand their actions on the environment yet the rate at which we are changing our attitudes towards the activities that causes Global Warming is killing our intimacy with the environment.

Historically humans have acted on the bio-physical environment in order to satisfy and meet basic biological needs, the activities of clearing the forest for agriculture, mining for minerals, polluting fresh water, production of toxic gases and overharvesting of fish stock has altered the environmental changes that we are facing now. Environmental changes has have negative impact on human societies especially in Africa, according to environmentalist global climatic change currently poses the greatest threat to human health, therefore, the need to enhance our knowledge of environmental changes and revised measures to responds to such changes and reduce human venerability to the risk and effect associated with the environmental changes around the local, regional and the globe.

Scientists and government officials around the world, from Africa, Europe, Asia, America, Australia and the Caribbean all agree that we are in crisis. Unless we stop destroying our vital life-support systems, they will fail. We must maintain them, or pay the penalty. If an industry has polluted the air for many years, and is operating on a close budget can we, in good conscience, make demands that will drive it into collapse? On the other hand, can we afford to risk our health by continuing to breathe the polluted air that the industries emit?

Worldwide, about 400 million metric tons of hazardous wastes are generated each year. In 1989 the Basel Convention on the Control of Trans-boundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal was adopted at a meeting convened by the United Nations Environmental Program and attended by 116 countries. Yet the political elite do not have political commitment to implement these policies. Guinea-Bissau was one of the countries at the centre of an international uproar over revelations that several West African states had signed contracts to allow the dumping of toxic waste from industrialized countries in 1988.

The government claimed on April 16 that it had agreed only to study a proposal to accept for long-term storage, recycling, or incineration 15 million metric tons of industrial waste over a five-year period. A European environmental group, however, alleged that a contract to actually accept the waste had been signed in February. The agreement reportedly would have brought Guinea-Bissau $600 million in payments. Information Minister Christian-Gilbert Bembet and Scientific Research and Environmental Minister Christophe Mbouramou were dismissed in a July cabinet reshuffle after the Central Committee of the ruling Congolese Labor Party demanded that officials aiding the importation of foreign hazardous wastes be disciplined. The two ministers reportedly had begun negotiating an $84 million contract to store 1 million tons of toxic wastes from Europe.

The article will therefore help to crystallize the idea of cooperation, by ordinary citiens, government officials and politicians enable them interact with to understand the danger of their activities that effect the environment, sustainable environment require the cooperation of political elite and local individuals around the globe, when the grassroots environmental movement are involve in the decision making process they can effectively manage the concept of sustainable environmental management in the growing economies by protecting and nurturing our love to support growth over the long-time. The primary knowledge is therefore essential for identifying, debating and implementation of environmental policies in the political environment.

The issue of whether scientist or politicians have the environmental issues at heart is a debating vex. Scientist developed DDT and government banned the use of DDT, that positive action by government. The growing concern by political leaders on environmental problems is embrace but the approaches to the solution are still liberal by the political elites, this because sometime the actors that bring this toxic waste comes with juicy offer to theses politicians just to corrupt them and have their ways.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change conclude that human activity is an important cause of the change, Government and political leaders makes environment laws to protect the environment but the competition among nation to gain power and economic wealth eliminate government commitment to effective enforce laws.

Industrial countries can control outflow of garbage and pollutants in a way that is economically but this is impossible for developing country to follow (Arne, 1989), uncovering that political leaders do not have interest in other countries environmental changes, forgetting that the end result is global, therefore world leaders should embrace all effort to effectively find the indicators to environmental changes.

Our love for the environment is the love for our survive and we should all therefore cooperate with all agency with our individual effort to maintain sustainable development, when we interrupt with political leaders they will also comprise to destroy the environment to stay in power, as cited by (Buen de Mesquita, 2005) key policy leaders do not pick goals themselves, rather they reflect the interest of those who support they need to stay in power.

It is difficult to conceive of any state globalisation process that does not depend on internationalisation (Shaw, 2000) as cited by (Lechner, 2009) international society refers to a society of states bound by common rule and institutions. (Heywood, 2011) new regionalism is essentially in economic, in character and largely takes the form of regional blocs. That is to say the world is one unite of a society and developed and developing countries should take much concern of any action that will affect the environment in developing countries or developed countries, recently it was reported that China released carbon dioxide at a higher rate as compare to what the president declared to the international world.

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