Achimota Mall launches "Lucky-in-Love" Val's season promo

By Samuel Dowuona | Adom News
Business & Finance Achimota Mall launches
FEB 6, 2017 LISTEN

The Achimota Mall has commenced a campaign dubbed ‘Lucky-in-Love’ to reward couples for shopping during this Valentine season of love.

Management of the mall said throughout the month of February, they are doling out an exciting variety of instant prizes including branded gift items, shopping vouchers and electronic gadgets to lucky couples who visit and shop to the tune of just GHC100.

"The thrill in the campaign is that, before the shopping couple may take away their valentine gifts, they are literally required to prove and demonstrate love for their partners by participating in the ‘Lucky-in-Love’ fun game," they said.

Explaining out the game works, mall management said couples would be ushered to a gift booth, all dressed up in valentine deco and insignia and set with five comfortable chairs -- three of which carry different sizes of wrapped gift items.

The man is blindfolded and his partner gets to pick a gift of her choice and sits in the chair that had the gift. The excitement, and perhaps the test of love, comes when the man, with his blindfolds on, is required to track his way in a two-metre walk to his partner.

The couple takes away the gift if the man makes it to his partner as she sits waiting in one of the five chairs.

“This valentine season, the Achimota shopping centre is engulfed in so much love, fun, and excitement. St Valentine himself arrived here as early as last week, igniting love in every shop, space, and corner of the Centre. It is our intention to maintain the tempo of love, affection and of giving from now until the end of February,” Mr. Anthony Asamoah Marketing Manager, told newsmen.

Mr. Asamoah said during the Valentine week, Achimota Mall will be Accra’s liveliest haven for families and couples as the centre will offer exquisite ambiance and amusement for its patrons and visitors, with scores of Mascots and promoters roaming the Centre and handing out roses and chocolates to couples.

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