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5 February 2017 | Feature Article

Whose Word Are You Holding Unto? Man Or God's?

Whose Word Are You Holding Unto? Man Or God's?

The Book of Psalms is a book that is the experience of the sinfully battered and hopeless persons who finds salvation in the Lord their Creator. Such persons only trust and holds on to the words of The faithful God. It is the salvation story told to the people of that time and ours.

In the Book of Proverb the Lord counsels the sinful man to take the way of the wise who is Himself. Because the way known to those who have departed from Him is destruction. God with wisdom, compassion, and forgiveness is entreating us to come to Him through faith by believing in Jesus Christ ( Himself God ).

Though for the moment soon we'll struggle whilst we are being treated from our injuries, broken lives, and calamities yet by faith through perseverance God's counsel will find us peace. Just hold on to the word of God in Christ Jesus. Eternal peace.

For the word of the Lord is right, And all His work is done in truth. He loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord (Psalm 33:4-5 (NKJV).

They confronted me in the day of my disaster, But the Lord was my support(Psalm 18:18 (AMP).

I am an extremely example of a battered life with me wholly to be blamed for this. Yet I have never relented to hold onto any ones counsel or word but that of my God and Creator. I have extremely benefited from holding onto Him even though many maybe rejoicing and dancing at my woes.

Even though they laugh I still love them and pray for them. I have learned at the back of my mind not to question God why because I have learned from the story of Job. God is the One who formed the universe and everything there is in it meticulously, wisely, and perfectly made.

There's a day under the chronos watch that is full of disaster or calamity. But just remember to hold fast unto the word of God concerning you and your love ones in the midst of many storms. The voice that can shout down your storms is right at your beckon. Join the train of salvation and become fishers of men.

Paul's life was calamitously lived yet his hold onto the grace offered by Jesus Christ saw him through as he was again and again reminded him by God.

Dear readers and listeners to me as I preach today it shall be your support through it all. It is not what confronts that kills I would have been long over dully dead. If the Lord has given me ( one whom many have described evil, sinful, and inhuman) the grace and opportunity for salvation He will do much more for you.

Just thank and praise God for keeping you alive and for the unseen support ( sometimes you may assume it was your doing or good deeds, but did God not said there's none righteous? ) and protection.

God's goodness and mercy begins with you and me right here on earth. The Holy Bible says the heavens were made for the earth. Look 👀 to no where else; trust Him; bless Him; praise Him; keep the faith. Rejoicing in my calamities and woes despite it all because I have Him I look forward to a better tomorrow because He has said so.

Good morning rest not if you have not found my Master, Prince of Peace my Saviour and King 👑?


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