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Make projects relevant to the communities - Togbe

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Kpando, April 08, GNA - Togbe Komla Teng IV, Dufia of Kpando Aloyi, on Thursday held that many development projects in the country were premised on ideologies and other factors, rather than the benefits to be derived by the communities in which they are situated.

He said this phenomenon cut across all sectors and had resulted in many edifices standing without use to the communities.

Togbe Teng, who made the assertion at the launch of a Good Governance and Civic Awareness project at Kpando, said communities ought to be fully consulted on programmes, projects, as well as decisions, which directly affected their livelihood.

The event, which was under the theme: "Right Based Approach - A key to Effective Participatory Development," was organised by the Rural Development Information Network (RUDIN) and sponsored by IBIS-Ghana, a Danish NGO.

Togbe Teng, however, commended development partners and donors for realising the mistake and making amends to reverse the trend. He said the participation of communities in the decision making from the grassroots level would generate and sustain their interest in such projects from the inception through to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation stages.

Mrs Erasmus Kwasipah, Presiding Member of the Kpando District Assembly, urged governments to make development projects accessible to all.

Mr Mawuko Tsigbey, Project Coordinator of RUDIN, noted that many people were not conversant with the decentralisation concept, let alone its functions, linkages and facilities available to the public. He said the first phase of the project, which spans a period of six months would focus on Kpando and Anfoega communities and expressed the hope that stakeholders would be educated on their rights and responsibilities in the development mix. 08 April 05

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