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29.01.2017 Opinion

Gee Whiz: Ayarilies Hurt Badly

By Charles Binet
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Gee! Yes, you heard me ! I am in pain, as a result of an orgy of self pinching I subjected parts of my body to this morning. The melodramatic events that unfolded from the Appointment Committee within the last 24 hours made me wonder momentarily whether I was alive on earth or languishing in space. To assure my self of my existence, I kept pinching myself to ascertain the functionality of my senses, and opened my eyes widely to make sure what I was reading was what had actually been written.

When I heard the news yesterday, I dismissed it as utter rubbish not worthy of a nanosecond of anyone 's time. It just didn't make sense." Why would someone who performed superbly and would sail through without any impedance bribe the panel." I murmured to myself.However, when I read this morning it was a cock and bull story,

I was at a loss. "How could such a scandalous behavior be tolerated by our legislature?" I asked myself.

Ayariga's misconduct seems to be a collective scheme by the minority, calculated to injure public interest, and must be condemned in no uncertain terms. He could have spared us his vulgar politics of propagating such blatant lies. He has insulted the Ghanaian public, and must apologize to the entire nation.

It is very troubling, that instead of engaging in policy and substance, some of the minority MPs on the committee, may be for lack of any clue as regards the vetting process, wallow in political mire of personal attack, expression of hate and exposure of their inadequacies in public governance, rule of law and principles of natural justice.

I was of the view that the committee is made up of persons of enviable substance who will definitely rise above sophomoric partisan politics. Members of the committee, regardless of their political coloration must be strongly committed to the principle of natural justice and the protection of the rights of people who appear before them, instead of engaging in deliberate lies, witch hunting, personal attacks, and mudslinging.

Ayariga's pedestrian behavior has rendered him unworthy to be a member of the committee. The good image of parliament, without an iota of doubt, has been brought into disrepute. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the leadership of the house to take the necessary steps, including, but not limited to, asking Ayariga to recluse himself from the committee to assure the nation that parliament is not replete with jokers who don't understand their role as an essential arm of government.

It's politically tragic that Mr Ayariga will come across as a joke who lacks the cognitive faculties that will enable him execute his responsibilities on the committee judiciously. He seems to thrive on infantile innuendos which he propagates with unqualified sadistic fervor and amoral smugness.

It is grievously saddening to see people we are compelled to call honorables, behave so dishonorably!

Charles Biney
Dallas, Texas, USA
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