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Grand Coalition Partners Were My Woes — Dan Lartey

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THE Leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Mr Dan Lartey, has declared that the country was geared to give him the mandate to salvage the economy in the 2004 elections, when grand coalition partners came to set it back.

He said the electorate did not take kindly to this and voted to reject the coalition in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Mr Lartey, who spoke to the Graphic in an interview yesterday, said the GCPP had already set the pace in the 2000 elections with its message of domestication and what was needed was to consolidate on the gains in the 2004 elections, when the Grand Coalition “'came to set the clock backwards.”

Speaking on the formation of one single Nkrumaist party to contest future elections, he said the GCPP had become formidable for the 2008 presidential election and was ready to join forces with any political party that would not absorb the name of the GCPP.

Mr Lartey called on all as well as Nkrumaist and well wishers to join him to win the mandate from Ghanaians in order to provide the country with the development “that would make hunger, deprivation, cash and carry and the paying of school fees a thing of the past.”

He said the electorate had accepted domestication and other policies of the party and this could explain why the party continue to attract more voters than its Grand Coalition partners.

On the “Wahala marches,” Mr Lartey said the government did not hide its intention to increase fuel prices when voted into power for the second term and described the marches as unnecessary.

He, however, appealed to the government to create more jobs to alleviate the hardships of the people.

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