06.04.2005 General News

CJA expands "Wahala" agenda

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Accra, April 6, GNA - The Committee for Joint Action (CJA) on Wednesday announced a broad-based agenda to ensure that the Government adhered to the tenets of constitutional democracy and good governance as prescribed by the 1992 Constitution.

Mr Micheal Nuno, a Leading Member of the CJA, told a press conference in Accra that the group would embark on a regional, district and constituency sensitisation workshops, workplace and school meetings as well as dialoguing with identifiable institutions to expand the agenda.

He mentioned the new scope to include educating the public to resist policies and programmes that that had the potential of destroying the agriculture sector, impoverishing and exploiting farmers and protecting the interest of groups, individuals and institutions such as universities, public corporations and public commissions.

Mr Nuno debunked the perception that the "Wahala" crusade was only about the 50 per cent fuel price increase, stressing, "Wahala is not just about resisting fuel tax increases, it is about the abuse of citizens' economic, social, cultural or political rights by the powerful and the greedy.

"Wahala is about rejecting State commercialising and de-regulating basic public services - water, electricity, transportation, fuel, housing, education and health - so that the few at the top can make huge profits while the lives of the many at the bottom become increasingly miserable."

Justifying the "Wahala" crusade, Mr Nuno explained that it was the responsibility and collective duty of every citizen to ensure the adherence to the constitutional order by peacefully campaigning for the right thing to be done.

He also commended the Police for ensuring order during their recent demonstrations at Ho and Wa simultaneously, and citizens of Upper West and Volta Regions, who participated either by joining the demonstration or offering other logistical support.

Members of the minority political parties including the People's National Convention (PNC), Convention People's Party (CPP), National Reform Party (NRP), National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the Every Accountable Ghanaian Living Everywhere (EAGLE Party) attended the press conference.

Organisers of the "Wahala" crusade have held two demonstrations in Accra and one each at Ho and Wa against the fuel price hike and the generally high cost of living.

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