05.04.2005 General News

Kufuor is a dictator - Tony Aidoo

By Radio Gold
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Dr Tony Aidoo, the former Deputy Minister of Defence and one of the all time loyal lieutenants of ex-President Rawlings has stoked the flames of the escalating presidential verbal war between the sitting President and the former President, saying there should not be any reconciliation between the antagonists because President Kufuor is a dictator.

In a very unapologetic and defiant tone, Dr said "let there be no reconciliation because it is an abomination. It will be contrary to the tenents of the 1992 Constitution to reconcile these people so that Mr Kufuor's dictatorship will continue."

In his submission on the Radio Gold Alhaji and Alhaji program, Dr Aidoo calls for the continuation of the grueling verbal tug-of-war between the two personalities, questioning the terms of any final ceasefire and reconciliation.

In a series of rhetorical questions, the Rawlings number one lackey man asked: "On what terms are they to reconcile? Reconcile on the terms that Rawlings will keep his mouth shut when the constitution gives him the right to talk? Reconcile on the basis that Mr Kufuor must be untouchable? That he continues to steal our money and actually harness his nest? Nobody should talk as he continues to use the state apparatuses especially the security apparatuses of the state to terrorize his political opponents?"

Continuing, he charged: "As he (President Kufuor) continues with a gross dissipation of natural resources in unwarranted, excessive payment of his staff, creating divided public service, we shouldn't talk? If those are the terms of reconciliation, then let there be no reconciliation."

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