05.04.2005 Education

Education Is The Master Key To Success - Ghana’s Envoy To The UK

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H.E Mr. Isaac Osei, Ghana's Envoy to the UK has stated that education is the master key which opens the doors of opportunity for people to advance themselves, make positive contributions to the development of their countries and become successful.

He therefore urged all Ghanaians irrespective of their social standing to ensure that their children obtained education to the highest level so that they could take up leadership positions in government, the private sector or other civil society organisations.

In a speech at the Ghana Day Celebration in Glasgow, Mr. Osei stressed that the on-going developments taking place in the new Ghana required the best manpower available to advance and move the country forward.

The event, organised by the Ghana Welfare Association in Glasgow, was attended by a cross-section of Ghanaians and friends of Ghana.

Present were Professor Malcolm McLeoed, Vice Principal, Professor Kwaku Opong, lecturer in Accounting and Finance, both of the University of Glasgow, Chief Suleman Chebe, Chairman of the Association, members of the Ghana Scotland Society, Dr. Jacob Afuakwah, a retired Surgeon and Executive members of the Association as well as representatives of Ghanaian political parties in the area.

The Makossa Band under the direction of Dr. Sam Akyeampong, a dentist, who played guitar, provided captivating music for the well-attended event.

High Commissioner Osei, told the gathering that the future of Ghana belonged to our young people, and urged the parents to prepare their children for the task ahead of the country.

He reiterated the need for Ghanaians to continue to remember the contributions of the founding fathers of the nation through whose efforts the foundation was laid for the social and economic take-off of the country.

He pointed out that support for the new Ghana under the leadership of President Kufuor was paramount if his vision of a united, free and prosperous country was to be realised.

He said the determination of the people of Ghana to tread on the path of democracy, vividly demonstrated in recent elections, was the surest way of galvanising the energies of the people for the development of the country.

“Democracy places responsibility on the present generation of leaders to deliver good governance and to ensure that the resources of the nation are used in a manner which can advance the cause of nation-building” he said.

He told his audience that the introduction of the National Health Insurance Scheme and substantial investment by government in the health sector were borne out of its determination to secure a healthy workforce for the task ahead.

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