05.04.2005 General News

Victor Smith, Kwabena Agyepong Clash

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*Butubutu' in London Studio Over Kufuor, Rawlings imbroglio MR. KWABENA AGYAPONG, Press Secretary to President Kufuor and Mr Victor Smith, Special Aide to former President Rawlings gave residents of London a slugfest last week, when the two exchanged verbal blows on each other's boss over who to blame over the recent insults between the Ghanaian president and his predescessor.

Whilst Mr Kwabena Agyepong insisted that the constant insults and foul language heaped on President Kufuor by ex-president Rawlings is a demonstration of Rawlings refusal to accept that he is no longer in power, Mr Victor Smith blamed the ruling government for inspiring a campaign of hate against his boss.

According to Mr Agyapong, Mr Rawlings' behaviour is un-Ghanaian and an indicator that he is finding it difficult to cope with the reality that he is out of power.

He said the former president is constantly ranting, an indication that he is suffering from withdrawal symptons.

“For close to 20 years, Mr Rawlings commandeered everything in the country and if today he wakes up with nobody to command except his family, he becomes worried” the Press Secretary to President Kufuor said.

Both men were speaking on Hot FM, a Ghanaian community based radio station in based London in reaction to the Christian Council's proposition to reconcile the former president and the incumbent president.

Mr. Agyapong subsequently asked the Council to redirect their energy to counsel Mr Rawlings to show decorum and decency in his language towards the president and the people of Ghana, since Mr Kufuor has nothing against him.

The Press Secretary to the President questioned why the ex-president has been bitter since 1979 and noted that the country does not owe him a living since he has no contract with anybody.

He advised Mr Rawlings to put up a dignified behaviour as an ex-president and statesman to earn him recognition in African affairs as his contemporaries such as Gen. Abubakar, Gowon and Cissano are doing.

On his part, Mr Victor Smith also insisted that the former president did not subscribe to insults in politics.

He said it was rather the NPP administration which first introduced foul language in their dealings with the former President when they constantly referred to him as “abonsam and a rogue when they were in opposition”.

He said the ex president will not accept any advisory post from the NPP and would continue to share his views on issues of national concern

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