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Fleeing Donald Trump’s America: Two Ghanaians Escape Death

Jan 21, 2017 | Our Correspondent, Canada
Fleeing Donald Trump’s America: Two Ghanaians Escape Death

Ghanaians living in Canada are saddened with the very bad news of two Ghanaians who suffered frost bites as a result of fleeing Donald Trump’s deportation from America.

These two Ghanaians were among thousands of Ghanaians who are living in fear in U.S. because the President Donald Trump has already served notice that he would deport illegal immigrants from America when he assumes office.

In order not to be caught in the deportation net of Donald Trump, they set on a journey from Minnesota in America to cross the border into safety in Winnipeg in Canada but they were not lucky.

They were not lucky because the wicked weather had set in at that moment and were severely bitten by frost.

As if knowing what was going to happen, this reporter filed an article on the freezing weather which was widely published by Ghanaian media on December 15, 2016.

This article was to educate first time travelers to Canada and America to watch out for the freezing weather and seek protection as people living here were getting frozen.

It is very sad such incident has happened to these Ghanaians and it would be nice to rally support for them.

Seidu Mohammed describes being lost in the frigid cold2:32

Mohammed said he fled Ghana for the United States in 2015 because he feared for his life due to his sexual orientation, but when he arrived in San Diego, he was detained for a year.

He applied for asylum after his visa ran out but a judge denied his request.

"I run for my life," Mohammed said.
'Nobody stopped'
He and another Ghanaian man, who he met in Minneapolis, decided to flee to Canada. The two of them took a bus to Grand Forks, N.D., then flagged a cab and spent $400 for a ride to a spot near the U.S.-Canada border on Dec. 24.

"There is a big farm around the border and we passed through," said Mohammed. "It was very difficult because when we stepped in that farm, the snow was [at] our waists."

'If not for [a truck driver], we would have died in that snow.'- Seidu Mohammed, refugee

For at least seven hours, the two trudged through snowy fields with the temperature hovering around the –18 C mark, without the wind chill factored in.

They finally came upon Highway 75, near the Emerson, Man., border crossing.

The two men tried for hours to flag down trucks passing them by on the highway. A truck driver finally stopped and called 911 to get medical help for the men who were disoriented and cold. It is unclear how they managed to cross the border without being stopped.

They've both been in hospital since the trucker got them help, recovering in a specialized burn ward of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre.

"If not for him, we would have died in that snow," said Mohammed. "Nobody stopped till this Good Samaritan, God sent [this] man.… We were about to give up."


Maybe the economic downturn currently being experienced in Ghana is informing your decision to migrate to a foreign country to seek a greener pasture.

Canada is one of the beautiful countries in the world that you may be considering migrating to start a new life therefore following procedure to get your visa to enter the country.

But have you find out about the weather situation in the country, weather seasons before going? You need to be informed that despite the beautiful sceneries, democracy, education, port and multiculturalism the winter and the summer weather can be crazy at times.

During winter seasons, predicted snow storms hit the area and can continue for hours before taping off after dumping white powder or flurries on the ground that makes the roads slippery and difficult for driving.

Usually when the white powder falls vehicles get slithering and sliding which throws cars into ditches that makes all to look for possible eventualities or casualties and provide the needed assistance victims will need to survive the scare.

Really one will need assistance to survive this scare of snow storm that hammers Toronto and other parts of the country especially having return from humid tropical weather in Africa and come to meet continuous snow fall.

It is a honorable thing to do, it is more rewarding thing to do by remitting family members and friends back home in Africa but it is more God blessing thing to do by praying for your love ones in countries like Canada looking at what they go through to make earns meet.

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