03.04.2005 General News

Pope John Paul is a real gem-Rev Deegbe

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Accra, April 3, GNA - Pope John Paul II, the Apostolic Pontiff of the Catholic Church was one of the real gem of the marvel of God's grace, the Secretary General of the Christian Council of Ghana, has said.

In a tribute to the Pope who passed away on Saturday evening, the Reverend Dr Fred Deegbe told the Ghana News Agency that the Pope became an icon for all to see as the "Papa of Christendom".

His life was how God could pick people and use them to the marvel of His grace, Rev Deegbe emphasized.

"From a very humble background in Poland, Pope John Paul, served the church with all his might and travelled more than any other Pope in the history of the Catholic Church across the world preaching peace and reconciliation among the peoples of the world".

He kept the traditional value of the Church, even in the face of polarization in Christendom; on the issue of abortion, contraception use, human dignity and respect of human rights, he was firm., Rev Deegbe noted.

"His spirit of perseverance and steadfastness is an important hallmark which everybody must emulate.

"People should learn from him and keep on living until they die. Some people when faced with a little challenge of life, die even when they are still living," he said.

Even in visible sickness, the Pope was seen working and serving God until he took his last breath of life, Rev Deegbe added. Meanwhile, the Christian Council of Ghana has sent a message of consolation to the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio over the loss of its Spiritual head.

Rev. Deegbe said though the Secretariat was not a member of the Council, they did things in common under the bigger umbrella of the Forum of Religious Bodies.

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