02.04.2005 Education

Educationist comments on NHIS

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Nkoranza (B/A) April 2 GNA - Mr. Daniel Mensah-Abrampah, educationist at Nkoranza has chastised the management of the Nkoranza Community Health Insurance Scheme, the first of its kind in the country, for refusing to continue the scheme due to the inception of the national health insurance scheme, which is yet to be implemented.

He told Ghana News Agency at Nkoranza that because the management had discontinued their work, "people are compelled to pay high deposits at saint Theresa's hospital at Nkoranza before being offered admission. "Patients who could not afford the deposits return home and some of them unfortunately die of their illness", the educationist added.

Mr. Mensah-Abrampah explained that patients were at times asked to pay about one million cedis as deposit and this was a real problem for the ordinary people.

"It is just unfortunate that citizens of Nkoranza, who were the pace setters of the health insurance scheme, are no longer enjoying the scheme, due to the introduction of the national scheme", he said. He asked the management of the scheme to expedite action towards its implementation to save lives.

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