02.04.2005 Regional News

Review TV License fees - Post Master

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Osino (E/R), April 2, GNA - The Post Master of the Akim Osino Postal Agency of the Ghana Postal Service, Mr Kofi Kani, has called for the review of the Television License fees to raise enough money for quality programmes by the TV stations.

He said that at present TV set owners pay a fee of 3,000 cedis per set and 5,000 cedis a year for more than one set.

The Master said since the number of TV stations had increased, the existing law that empowered the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) as the sole collector of the fees should also be reviewed. Mr Kani who is a commission collector of the licence, made the suggestions in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Thursday, at Osino.

He described the current fee as "woefully inadequate" compared to the high cost involved in the production of TV programmes. There is the need for viewers to be educated on the payment of the TV license as done with the collection of other revenue such as income taxes, market tolls and custom duties, Mr Kani stated. The non-payment of the fees is not because it is to high but due to apathy, he added.

Mr Kani expressed concern about the slow pace at which people were paying the fees and said only 15 people in the Osino area had paid so far and advocated stiffer punishment of defaulters to serve as a deterrent.

He suggested the involvement of Districts Assembles in the collection exercise and appealed to TV sets owners to pay the fees regularly.

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