02.04.2005 Crime & Punishment

Police foil jailbreak at Aflao

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Aflao, April 2, GNA - A timely hint to the Police in Aflao by a Default Prisoner, Nene Dafliso Seibi last Thursday averted a jail break by inmates of the Aflao Police cells.

Sixteen suspected Armed Robbers, who were on remand custody, were among the 22 inmates who hatched the plot.

Sources close to the Aflao Police told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the inmates sprinkled a chemical with corrosive properties, smuggled into the cells, on the wall to wear it down, to enable them break it and escape.

However, the Sources said, Seibi, 31 from Goi, near Big Ada, wrote a note on a piece of paper and threw it through the metal opening in the metal gates of the cell to the Charge Room Officer exposing the plot. Seibi, a Fetish Priest, was in the cell awaiting transfer to the Ho Prisons to begin a three month jail term after defaulting in the payment of a 600,000 -cedis fine imposed on him by an Aflao Circuit on March 17, this year, for the deceit of a Public Officer.

The Aflao Police, who averted a similar escape attempt about a year ago, immediately transferred all the inmates except Seibi to the Ho Prisons.

Meanwhile the GNA had learned that the 21 Remand Prisoners involved in the plot were threatening to eliminate Seibi, should he join them at the Ho Prisons to serve his sentence. 02 April 05

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