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6 January 2017 | Editorial

Obsession With A Guest House

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President John Mahama
President John Mahama

People get attached to certain objects in a manner which beats imagination. While emotions are responsible for some obsessions, others are attributable to outright show of authority or a delusion of it.

There are other reasons we cannot put out in the public domain because of their weirdness.

We do not know which category to put the obsession which triggered this commentary and would therefore leave it to our esteemed readers to make their own judgement.

President John Mahama should not be making such headlines as he bows out of public office in a few hours from the time this newspaper lies on your laps or reading desk.

The dying moments of his tenure are being characterized by whether or not the residence he is occupying should be sold to him or not.

Others who lived there never showed such obsession with the property, which we are told is a COCOBOD asset: it used to serve as their guest house.

Outside the package agreed upon for his departure from the Presidency, we have learnt rather disappointingly that our President, considered one of the most affluent personalities in the country, would want to embroil himself in a house affair. Unless he wants to be used as a chewing stick on social media he should not be going anywhere near the property.

As for decorations he has put in the house and the fattened guinea fowls foraging for insects in the lush green grass on the compound, they can easily be moved to his next residence.

Fact is most Ghanaians are not enthused about the President's obsession especially since such after-thought only spoils the broth.

President Mahama would suffer the bad tongues of Ghanaians when he goes ahead with the purchase.

Let him remember the kind of language his boys at Montie FM used on his behalf and be advised accordingly, lest another version of that radio stations skins him alive. That would not be necessary.

A former President should be spared any form of emotional pain in retirement.

Many Ghanaians think that he has amassed so much wealth to the detriment of the state. Whether this is justified or not can only be judged by the originators of such allegations. We are only transmitting what is on the ground. The outcome of the election is enough evidence about his low rating.  For him to add another avoidable baggage to his name at this time is to ignore the realities of life.  Sometimes damning the consequences of certain actions cannot pass for wise moves but the contrary.

A word to a wise is enough is the saying, and we think that President Mahama is adequately briefed about the implications of his obsession.

We did not know that his obsession for other pleasures include houses of the sort he is currently occupying.

Packing out, as he has done in his office at the Flagstaff House, can save him a few points for his integrity. Although he has lost so much, including body weight, he should not allow this too to constitute another source of worrisome public discourse.

Obsession with an old COCOBOD guest house? Gosh! No Mr. President.

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