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NDC will soon collapse -Deputy propaganda secretary

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The deputy propaganda secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Alhaji Boeity, has predicted that the NDC party will soon collapse because some officials of the party hierarchy are not faithful and have dubious intentions. He mentioned specifically, the party's deputy general secretary, Baba Jamal, as untruthful and dishonest, who has 'unofficially taken the leadership role of the party and is doing what he likes.'

Alhaji Boeity has vowed as well to reveal what he described as dirt in the party after his resignation, prompting several shake-ups of the party's secret issues.

Alhaji Boeity was speaking on a Ghanaian radio programme in London. The programme, HOT IN THE MORNING, hosted by Kwaku Owusu Frimpong, is a news and current affairs programme on issues affecting Ghana.

He has threatened also to deal drastically and ruthlessly with the party's deputy general secretary, Baba Jamal, who, according to him, has been a thorn in his flesh.

He said he was leaving the NDC party for Baba Jamal because, 'he has put the party on his shoulders all alone and dictating the pace for other officials of the party.'

Referring to Baba Jamal, he said with emotions, 'he thinks he knows everything, but he knows nothing.'

Alhaji Boeity, sounding very ballistic during the interview, sounded an alarm that 'very soon I am going to call a press conference and “wash all the dirty linen outside.”

When questioned by the host, who exhibited a high sense of professionalism to keep the uncontrollable Alhaji under control on the programme, what he wanted to reveal in the party, he answered, 'NDC, you see Master, I don't want to talk now. Hay, you don't know. NDC, NDC, you wait!'

Trying to explain the issues, he said he had done 'a lot of dirty works in Cape Coast and other parts of the country for and on behalf of the party, for which the party has refused to refund his monies, not to mention compensating him.

According to him, the party owes him ¢25.7 million, but when he attempted reclaiming the amount, Baba Jamal picked a bone with him for no apparent reason.

He accused Baba Jamal of trying to harass and disgrace him for claiming what is due him legitimately.

“How can you give me ¢2 million out of ¢25.7 million? Is it not an insult,” he enquired.

Explaining his side of the issues later on the same programme, Baba Jamal said Alhaji Boeity's claim of ¢25.7 million for retrieving a party vehicle from Cape Coast was unrealistic.

According to the party deputy general secretary, the party has mounted a programme to retrieve vehicles sent to the regions for the 2004 general elections and it has not cost the party even ¢500,000 to get the vehicles from Wa and Bolgatanga.

He debunked Alhaji's claim that he had spent money on the replacement of the engine of his vehicle while on official duty.

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