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21 December 2016 | International

Nearly 4 million people without water in Malaysian capital


Kuala Lumpur, ACCRA, Dec 21, (dpa/GNA) - Nearly 4 million people in Malaysia's capital were without water on Wednesday, as scheduled cuts drew loud complaints for occurring the week before Christmas.

The water cuts, planned from December 19 to 24, are part of preventive maintenance that needs to be done every three years, the electric utility company Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) said.

The company's substations supply electricity to water treatment plants and the tests are necessary to ensure that power cuts will not impact the substations in future, it said.

The tests were initially scheduled to be carried out two months ago but that was considered bad timing due to school examinations and holidays, KiniTV reported.

A division chief from Malaysia's largest political party showed his dissatisfaction with the cuts on Wednesday, appearing at the state secretariat building in bath towels with a toothbrush behind his ear.

"I only want to take a shower," said Jamal Md Yunos of the United Malays National Organisation in a video that circulated online.

"The chief minister is comfortable, you all (the guards) are comfortable, and we don't have water outside. So I am here to have a shower. Just let me in," he said angrily.