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Mutual Health Scheme is for all civil servants

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Ho, March 24, GNA- The Civil Servants Association (CSA) Mutual Health Scheme will be implemented whether all civil servants agree to join it or not.

Mr Smart Chigabatia, Executive Secretary of the association, said this when he addressed some civil servants in Ho on Tuesday on issues affecting the welfare of its members in the country.

He said just as civil servants have no choice but join the government's District Health Insurance Schemes so also do they have no choice but to belong to the association's Mutual Health Scheme.

"We won't say because you won't join us we will separate you and give your share of what government gives us", Mr Chigabatia said He explained that the association's Mutual Health Scheme was not aimed at undermining the government's District Health Insurance scheme but to supplement it.

The association's scheme would cover diseases not covered by the District Health Insurance Scheme and would take care of the spouse and children of members unlike the district schemes that require both spouses to join.

Mr Chigabatia said the success of civil servants Health Insurance Scheme in the Ashanti Region where civil servants are also operating a welfare scheme successfully attest to the ability of civil servants to take care of themselves collectively.

Mr Chigabatia said the ability of civil servants to compel the government to take them seriously would depend on their ability to act collectively to assert their independence in providing their needs. Answering questions, he said civil servants have the right to strike to back their demands for improved working conditions but that would have to follow long procedures and be able to sustain its members financially during prolonged strikes.

"Strictly speaking, you don't go on strike and expect your employer to pay you, you don't deserve it because you have not worked for it", he said.

That not withstanding, he said, there are several avenues available to the association to get its employer to sit up to its demands.

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