21.03.2005 Crime & Punishment

Chantan Turned Into Armed Robbers' 'Republic'

By Public Agenda
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The sudden up surge of armed robbery activities at Chantan, near Lapaz in Accra, has left residents in constant fear. The absence of streetlights in the area has made the situation more horrifying. According to some residents, the darkness in the area makes it easier for the armed robbers to operate.

Narrating the situation to this reporter, Mr. Boakye Danquah, a resident explained that the robbers operate around 7.30 pm when the Police Patrol Team are not at post. "They have carried out more than three robberies within a week and items robbed include money, personal belongings, mobile phones and taxicabs. The robbers operate through the using of motor bikes, sharp edges and guns", he said.

According to Mr. Danquah, last week Tuesday two residents were robbed within thirty minutes. "One of the victims, a middle aged woman who operates a drinking bar and a provisions stall, happened to live on the same lane with me. The robbers, who were three in number pretended to buy some drinks from the woman, pulled out a gun and a cutlass and ordered her to bring out all the money she had made for the day, which she obliged."

He said this happened around 8pm and fifteen minutes after the first robbery in the same vicinity. "We cannot imagine their next action because just yesterday I heard they butchered a taxi driver around the vicinity when he resisted attempts by some robbers to snatch his taxicab".

He called on the Ghana Police Service to come to their aid, because the neighbourhood watch Dog committee in the area cannot save the situation. In the past few weeks, the Ghana Police have made inroads in halting armed robbery in the major cities. Despite that, the thugs remain defiant and continue to operate in remote areas.

In fact the arrest of Atta Ayi, Mpata and others has not discouraged their counterparts but they have rather devised different and smarter means to carry out their diabolic activities. The police must therefore extend their patrols to other areas.

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