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1 December 2016 | PPP News

Rawlings 'proposes' to Konadu, Nduom's running mate

Rawlings 'proposes' to Konadu, Nduom's running mate

Former President Jerry John Rawlings stunned a gathering of 2016 presidential candidates, and diplomats in Accra Thursday when he presented two rose flowers one to his wife, and another to the Progressive People's Party (PPP) Vice Presidential Candidate.

The meeting which was convened by Commonwealth Missions in collaboration with ECOWAS was to afford the Presidential Candidates an opportunity to commit to peace ahead of next week Wednesday's polls.

ECOWAS Chairperson, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson could not help but to look on as the former Ghanaian leader embraces the wife after she delivered her peace message.

PPP's Vice Presidential Candidate, Brigitte Dzorgbenuku was full of excitement after she was handed the rose flower.

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Story by Ghana| | Austin Brakopowers | David Andoh

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