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30 November 2016 | Tributes & Condolences

The Final Farewell – Corporal (CPL.) Nathaniel Ayiglo (1981-2016)

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The Final Farewell – Corporal (CPL.) Nathaniel Ayiglo (1981-2016)

In Ghana, weddings and funerals dominate the event landscape on any given weekend. The overjoy and sorrow expressed at both events leave an everlasting imprint in your mind.

I set out to explore “How We Cry”. To capture the different ways in which we express the powerful emotions of Grief, Pain, Love.

This is the Final Farewell for CPL. Nathaniel Ayiglo

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1130201610602 20161123photo00000119

The Funeral Procession Begins
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1130201610604 20161123photo00000115

Presiding Pastor greets Nathaniel Ayiglo’s family.

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1130201610605 20161115photo00000108

(Former girlfriend of Nathaniel) Mother of his child wails uncontrollably.

Nathaniel was a a Prisons Officer.
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1130201610607 20161115photo00000107

Casket on its way to the burial ground
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1130201610608 20161115photo00000109

Aunt of Nathaniel would never forget him.
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1130201610610 20161116photo00000125

A mourner sheds tears as she looks on..
Nathaniel was known to the people he loved as very humble and brave.

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1130201610611 20161123photo00000118

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1130201610614 20161116photo00000128

Acapella group which Nathaniel was the bass vocalist struggle to find the strength in their voice to sing Nathaniel’s favorite song.

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1130201610615 20161116photo00000124

Nathaniel’s only child, Abel Ayiglo makes his way to the podium to read a tribute to his father (walking with Nathaniel’s cousins)

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1130201610617 20161116photo00000127

Abel Ayiglo on his father last words to him: “I’m going to the Hospital. I’ll be back”.

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1130201610618 20161123photo00000123

Other mourners watching Abel boldly deliver his speech

His favourite musical instrument was the trumpet.
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1130201610620 20161116photo00000131

Nathaniel’s cousin, Monica Sosu looks on as Abel reads tribute…

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1130201610621 20161123photo00000116

After maintaining his composure throughout his tribute, Abel finally breaks down in tears as he finds his seat.

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1130201610622 20161116photo00000132

Fellow Prison Officers prepare the coffin for the Final Farewell…

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1130201610624 20161123photo00000117

He fell sick and was admitted to the 37 Military Hospital

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1130201610625 20161111photo00000086

Brother of Nathaniel, Michael Edem Senyagbetor upon seeing the corpse.

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1130201610627 20161123photo00000124

A trumpet section playing Nathaniel’s favorite instrument

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1130201610629 20161111photo00000083

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1130201610630 20161111photo00000084

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1130201610632 20161111photo00000085

He died on the 16th day of September.
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1130201610633 20161116photo00000126

A close friend at the Prisons Service
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1130201610635 20161018photo00000039

CPL. Nathaniel Ayiglo (1981 – 2016)
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Nathaniel Ayiglo buried with his favourite instrument. His trumpet.

1130201610636 20161116photo00000129

Nathaniel Ayiglo buried with his favourite instrument. His trumpet.

As Photographed by Augustine Nii Teiko

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