15.03.2005 General News

A-G zeroes in on Kwesi Pratt for possible tax evasion

By Chronicle
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Fallout of 'Wahala' march Accra, March 15, 2005 (Chronicle) -- The Auditor General, Mr. Edward Dua Agyeman, yesterday revealed that his outfit is carrying out an audit on 22 media houses.

The Chronicle had contacted the Auditor-General, following intelligence reports that he had leaked what is supposed to be an audit report Kwesi Pratt's Insight to the Daily Graphic, in a bid to damper his influence in the 'Wahala' protests.

Mr. Dua Agyeman confirmed the existence of an audit report and also responded that the audit covered 22 media houses.

He however said it was only the report on the The Insight that they had just completed.

He would however not confirm the findings.

The Auditor-General had indicated his unpreparedness to discuss the matter on phone.

Persistent attempts to talk to him in his office also proved futile, as his secretary said he was busy.

He later told the Chronicle he was attending a meeting, and therefore the Chronicle should come back today.

Earlier, he had said on telephone that the report was based on facts and that they had not implicated anybody.

“The report is factual and does not implicate anybody,” he had said.

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