14.03.2005 Education

Ghana's educational system needs a new focus - Former fellow

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Accra, March 14, GNA - Ms Faustina Hyde, a former research fellow at the University of Ghana, has said that the country's educational system needed a new focus to give prominence to field work.

She said teaching should not be focused on classroom studies alone saying, the country needs engineers who are trained to operate in the field, such as workshops, on the road and in factories.

Mr Hyde was speaking at the 78th Founders Day of the Achimota Secondary School on the topic "Equal Opportunities".

"We should gradually move from desk-bound learning to more practical-oriented syllabuses, beginning at the basic level.

"I envisage a time when part of the JSS and SSS scores will include some practical work even in humanities," she added. Ms Hyde said there was the need for more courageous politicians to continue with the result yielding policies and recommended strong but reliable measures that would go a long way to help the countries economy.

She called on Old Achimotans, who were in positions of authority to do their best in the nation building.

Using Achimota Secondary School as an example, she said healthy and free association among boys and girls in their formative years could produce "well-rounded men and women" who are able to function in all circumstances. Ms Hyde urged the students to be disciplined in all they do.

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