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Ghanaians at the University of Bergen mark Independence Day

Ghanaians at the University of Bergen mark Independence Day
14.03.2005 LISTEN

Fantoft Students hostel, the principal dwelling for international students in Bergen, Norway was thrown into a blaze of merriment, when Ghanaians studying at the University of Bergen marked Ghana's independence on Sunday, 6th March, 2005.

Under the joint leadership of John Pastor Ansah and Albert Essuman, the ceremony started at 14.00 hours, right after the students returned from church service on that 'icy' Sunday. In his short exhortation, Mr. John P. Ansah, a doctoral student advised his colleagues to be conscious of the fact that they are sojourners in Norway and must all endeavour to return home and improve conditions in their dear nation. 'It is a venture of futility if we acquire all these skills here in Europe and decide not to make a positive impact in our nation's development'. He said. What is more, he cautioned against the practice of some Ghanaians in the wilderness, who consistently paint the name of their country black. He said such actions are not only anti-developmental but also destructive venoms that eat insidiously into the fabric of national growth. He concluded by urging all members present to project the good image of Ghana wherever they find themselves in the world.

There was a variety of Ghanaian dishes, which created usual excitements around Ghanaian-organised ceremonies. Dozens of local music (Ghanaian highlife, gospel tracks, Ghanaian hip life etc.) created memorable aura in the entire surroundings of the hostel.

To add colour to the event, Mr. Dennis Sena Awitty, a master student in International Health, who is a pharmacist by profession represented Ghanaian students at the University of Berlin, Germany. He added his voice to the advice of Mr. Ansah and said 'our education is meaningless if our immediate homeland cannot benefit from it directly'. He added that going back home alone is not sufficient but being prepared to contribute positively to Ghana is what matters most. 'The dangerous of all sins is to just go back home and stand aloof to see things go the wrong way'. He added. Mr. Awitty expressed laudatory remarks about the occasion and commended the Ghanaian family at the University of Bergen for the excellent camaraderie and patriotism showcased.

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