12.03.2005 General News

'Commission for Africa Report is a step forward, but...' - McKinnon

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Accra, March 12, GNA - Commonwealth Secretary General, Don McKinnnon has said the Commission for Africa Report was a step in the right direction, but would still need a quantum leap before one could see real change in the lives of African people. "The report ticks the right boxes and vindicates what the Commonwealth has been advocating for decades. It provides an excellent template for action - but only a template. It will remain hollow if it doesn't stimulate the delivery of democracy and development to the people of Africa."

Mr McKinnon, who was commenting on the report after its launch on Friday said "there is still a huge gap between positive recommendations and real change on the ground". "The missing link is political will and until now, it has been sorely lacking".

The Commonwealth Secretary General said although the report was positive, the crucial question as to whether rich nations have the courage and determination to implement the recommendations and enable Africa to move along on the path to posterity remained. "As I have said many times before, helping Africa grow out of poverty is in everyone's interest. If rich countries want more security, more predictable immigration flows and a more prosperous future, they cannot afford to turn their back on Africa. "There has never been a better time to help Africa. And there could be no greater indictment of our generations, if we fail," he added.

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