10.03.2005 Crime & Punishment

Italian MD Faces Assault Charge

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Italian MD Faces Assault Charge
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Takoradi -- The police in Takoradi have begun an investigation into allegation of assault leveled against Mr. Manllo Maggiorotto, the Italian Managing Director of Machined Wood Limited, a timber firm based here in Takoradi for allegedly assaulting one of his employees, Gosh Knight Mensah.

Mensah who had already tendered in his resignation letter as head of the electrical department of the company and is battling management for the payment of his entitlement, is said to have sustained various degrees of injuries as a result of the alleged assault by the Italian who is also said to be calling his Ghanaian workers unprintable names.

The Takoradi Central police who are investigating the case, confirmed the story when contacted and said the docket had been forward to the regional command in Sekondi for advice.

The police however denied ever asking the Italian to pay his alleged victim all his entitlements as Gosh Mensah, the complainant had told The Chronicle earlier because it was not their duty to give such orders.

Mensah had alleged that the police ordered Mr. Maggiorotto to pay him all his entitlements in addition to his medical bills but he refused to obey the order and that the medical expenses that amounted to ¢2 million had still not been paid after the police had given him a medical form to attend hospital.

When this reporter contacted Mr. Manggiorotto, he denied assaulting the complainant.

He as well denied calling his Ghanaian workers unprintable names.

According to him, it was Mensah who rather came to his office to attack him and that he only defended himself. Maggiorotto further told The Chronicle that looking at his stature, if he had indeed assaulted his employee as he was alleging, he would not have been alive to tell his story.

Mr.Maggiorotto again denied that he was not willing to pay his alleged victim all entitlements due him after he had resigned from the company, saying whenever the company sent him a letter containing the modalities for the payment, he refused to collect it.

According to the Italian, he was prepared to face the victim in the law court over the alleged assault and his refusal to pay him his entitlement because he knew he would win the two cases.

He however won this reporter not to file the report.

Giving the background of the story, Mr. Mensah told this paper that he was in his department working when he had a call from the personnel manager.

He said when he responded to the call, he was told that Mr. Maggiorotto claimed he had seen him holding a bottle that contained wine at the computer department.

According to Mr. Mensah, he denied the charge and went ahead to invite the personnel manger to verify for himself if he was indeed holding the said bottle of wine at the department.

He continued that though the allegation turned out to be false, Mr. Maggiorotto insisted that if he failed to produce the bottle containing the wine, he would sack him.

Mensah said when he realized his MD was only trying to find an excuse to fire him, he decided to tender in his resignation from the company to enable him enjoy his due entitlement.

According to him, it was after he had resigned and wanted to inform him that Mr. Maggiorotto got annoyed and allegedly assaulted him in his office.

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