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08.03.2005 General News

Tarzan Writes To Appointments Committee

By Crusading Guide
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The former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Volta River Authority (VRA), Dr. Charles Wereku-Brobbey, aka 'Tarzan', has expressed his deepest concern about what he perceived as the seemingly deliberate misuse of parliamentary privilege to impugn the reputation of people under the guise of honest prosecution of public duty.

In a letter dated March 4, 2005 and addressed to the chairman of the Appointments Committee of Parliament, Freddie Blay, the former VRA Boss recalled that on two separate occasions last week, some members of the committee, from the minority side of the house, had brought his name into the proceedings of the committee in a manner that he considered to be both unnecessary and unmeritorious.

He lamented that on both occasions' unsubstantial and indeed false allegations, which could have been verified with the barest minimum of effort, were made against him by some members of the Appointments Committee.

He said specific and categorical assertions were made that he was still occupying the official VRA residence and enjoying the facilities that go with it.

“ Not only was the statement false, it could very easily have been verified by the simple action of going to the residence to ascertain who the occupant was. By the same token, even if I was to have been staying at VRA residence, that by itself would not have been illegal nor would it have been the duty or responsibility of the nominees to tackle”, articulated Dr. Wereku-Brobbey in the letter.

It will be recalled that both Dr. Nduom and Mr. K.T. Hammond, Minister of State responsible for Public Sector Reform and Deputy Energy Minister-designate respectively, were queried by some minority members of the appointments committee, on the 'residential status' of Dr. Wereku-Brobbey who they alleged or implied was still staying in the VRA official residence and using the Authority's facilities.

Dr. Nduom's response that he was not aware of the 'current residential status' of Dr. Wereku-Brobbey, elicited a somewhat cynical 'we don't believe you' reaction.

Almost the same question was subsequently put to Hon. K.T. Hammond who emphatically underscored that as far as he was aware, Dr. Wereku-Brobbey was no longer living in the VRA official residence, thus exposing the lack of research that goes into some of the questions posed by some members during the vetting process in Parliament.

Dr. Wereko-Brobbeys letter, which was copied to the Speaker of Parliament and the Minority Leader, pointed out that given that he, 'Tarzan' was not the subject of the Appointments Committee's work.

Nor did the members of the committee indicate in anyway, the relevance of the specific questions to the suitability or otherwise of the competence of the proposed nominees to hold the office for which they had been nominated.

He was thus at a loss to find rational reason for the conduct of the committees members, who had asked those questions.

According to him, members of parliament have an onerous duty to defend the public's interest at all times.

He cautioned that the members of the committee must have equally compelling responsibility to ensure that their actions are seen to be fair, just and honourable at all times, especially when these border on the infringement and abuse of the rights and reputations of fellow citizens, especially when the individuals concerned do not have the same platform nor rights to protect their good name and hard won reputation.

He made it clear that he had and will continue to address any and every issue dealing with his stewardship at VRA at every opportunity and to anybody of competent establishment and jurisdiction.

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