08.03.2005 Crime & Punishment

Ataa Ayi's Juju Dies

By Chronicle
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Father-in-Law was behind vanishing powers Ayanebokeya nearly melted into earth at his death Wife Elizabeth Moro a.k.a. Talata said to be robber too

Intelligence information reaching The Chronicle following the arrest of the most notorious armed robber of recent times, Aryee Aryeetey, aka Ataa Ayi, indicates that the “powerful” man (juju man) behind his vanishing powers, had died, hence the police's ability to apprehend him.

The Chronicle learnt through inquiries at the underworld in Kumasi that the Jujuman by name Ayanebokeya, who was the father-in-Law of Ataa Ayi, died recently, and this had since sent signals to Ataa Ayi and the wife, that very soon, their cup would be full.

According to one insider, the wife whose name had been given to the police as Elizabeth Imoro, was alleged to be among her husband's syndicate that had undertaken various robbery expeditions in the country.

The source said the last time he saw the two (Ataa Ayi and the wife), was when they visited the juju man, while he was sick.

The source continued that at that time, Ataa Ayi was a man to watch, as he rode his sporting motorbike around his wife's village, Balungu, near Bolgatanga, in the Upper East Region.

It was alleged that before the death of Ataa Ayi's father-In-law, he had made it clear to him that within some short time, all the powers prepared for him would fade out, as he would no longer be available to undertake the maintenance of the “powers” given to him.

Although the father-in-law had some male children to inherit him, our source revealed that the children were not interested in pursuing their father's craft because they were Christians. The only person that could have been interested in succeeding the father was Elizabeth, also known as Talata, but because she was a woman, tradition did not permit her to handle the juju.

Wonderful things were said to have happened at the Balungu village, on the death of Ayanebokeya. It was alleged that the juju man, at the point of his death, was gradually being sucked into the earth right inside his bedroom, but his brother who was also 'powerful' detected the act from his own house, and quickly rushed to caution the brother not to do anything that would bring disgrace to the family.

According to our source, the brother of Ataa Ayi's father-in-law pleaded with the brother to allow them get his body for burial, and immediately after these words, the juju man died without 'vanishing' into the ground.

On February 28, Ataa Ayi was nabbed by a 15-member police team from the Greater Accra Regional Police Command, when he appeared from a room in his house at Teshie, Accra to hang some clothes.

The most notorious criminal was apprehended with his big talisman, which was believed to be behind his vanishing powers, dangling around his neck. He was quoted to have said that he knew his time was up, adding that he was close to giving up on his trade and bolting to Germany. But it was not to be.

Ataa Ayi, for the past six years, was giving the country's police sleepless nights, as he and his syndicate continued to rob various people in the country, particularly in Accra and Tema, of various sums of money and properties.

Ataa Ayi and his group, according to the security, had also succeeded in murdering some of their victims.

Earlier before his arrest, his number two man, Mpata was nabbed by the police.

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