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08.03.2005 Regional News

KMA Begin War On Hawkers

By Beatrice Spio-Garbrah,kapital radio.
KMA Begin War On Hawkers

The decongestion exercise of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to rid the business centre of Kumasi of traders who trade at unauthorized places took off last Sunday.

According to our business link correspondent who visited the scene of the now decongested Kejetia, the place now looks cleaner and pedestrians move about freely without encountering the traders on the pavements. But how ar! e the affected traders taking the exercise.

Some have criticized the KMA for not rehabilitating the Race Course on time for them to move there as an alternative market place. Some of the traders complained that the Race Course is still in its poor state and cannot go there to trade. To some the only solution is for them to trade in the good old profession, prostitution damn the consequence since they have been rendered unemployed. source: