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Unknown man demands NDC seat at Parade

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Kade, March 07, GNA - Before the 48th Independence anniversary parade could take off at Kade in the Kwaebibirem District, a man in National Democratic Congress (NDC) T-Shirt and carrying the party's flag, marched around the field.

He then went to the parade organizers, and demanded the "NDC seat". When he was asked to disclose his identity, he refused to do so but insisted that he was there to occupy the NDC seat that was all that he was interested in.

The organizers told him to go and change his attire since none of those invited was in any party paraphernalia.

He agreed and left.

Meanwhile, the NDC Chairman had informed the organisers that he would be unable to attend the parade.

When the man returned, he was offered the seat that had been reserved for the NDC Chairman.

He sat down but then insisted on "NDC Chairman" pasted on the seat. The man nearly created a scene but the "NDC Chairman" label, which had been pasted on the seat, apparently fell off.

When it was shown him, he felt pleased and sat smiling. But shortly after seating, he fell asleep and was heard snoring.

No one disturbed him and he continued to sleep until a few minutes before the end of the ceremony.

The parade itself attracted one of the largest crowds at an Independence anniversary parade since the creation of the district in 1988, despite the day falling on a Sunday.

Perhaps a spectators expressed the sentiment of all those present when he told this reporter, "It is said in the Bible that we should give to Caeser what is for him and to God his due. This is a national day and God will understand if one misses a church service".

Taking part in the parade were 62 school contingents and 14 voluntary organisations.

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