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05.03.2005 Tabloid News

Kofi's Fund Raising

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Sometimes when we Naija dey pose or shakara, our other African brodas and sistas go dey jealous and talk say we be oppressor, but the thing dem no know is that level pass level, its just like comparing Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Ladden. Though we agree say sometimes our mouth dey always-big pass our head but all na for reasons. Recently in London, The Ghana ruling party NPP organised a fund raising dinner for the then upcoming presidential election in Ghana for re-election of President John Kuffor. The events have dem High Commissioner and other Ashante dignitaries in attendance. But to our surprise, the whole organisation of the event is like when Ojota Community High School dey do dem end of term party. Make una check out the pros and cons (mostly if not all, CONS) The event was held at the so called Ajegunle of London, 'Hackney Town Hall', one of the poorest Borough in London, it's just like OBJ having fund raising dinner at AJ City in Naija, wetin happen to Mayfair or Park Lane????. Donation time! Blessing Time!!... dem target fund na just £20,000 wetin happen to £100 million? How a whole president go depend on just £20,000 from his party for UK. The largest donor of the day were a group of 50 Kofis donating £1,000 i.e. £20-£20 per person and if una come see the way dem dey jubilate, u go think say Holy Ghost Fire don come down. Una need to see the “big drum”5-litre Keg wey dem take put water in front of the poor High Commissioner. We no know whether the man get “magun” wey be say na water be the antidote or maybe he don chop too much “kenke and beans” so he need lots of water to push the thing down. If to say na posh water dem go buy sef we go understand. Na the kind water wey dem Mr Rajah dey sell for all these low cost shops wey dey copy Makro dem go buy. Even the wines wey dem take decorate table, nobody fit drink am as there were no corkscrew in sight to open them (so that dem go fit return them) na all these ASDA value wine dem be. If this happen in Ghana, we fit understand, but na the Queen's land the thing happen and this buttress the saying that “you can only take person comot for bush, you cannot remove the bush in that person”. But we must confess say the thing wey our Gold Coast brodas and sistas lack for class and organisation dem babes possess am times 10 for structure and figure, abi how una think say the saying “ko s'arugbo ni Ghana” (no oldies for Ghana) take come about. Abeg Check them out...

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