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21.10.2016 Opinion

Re: “Bawumia- Mutum Banza [useless Man]’’

By Raphael Kumah Abolasom.
Re: “Bawumia- Mutum Banza [useless Man]’’
LISTEN OCT 21, 2016

On a normal day, I wouldn't respond to people in this manner, but sometimes when we allow riff-raffs to attack and denigrate men of integrity to this insane peak, then they begin to see themselves as heroes; that's quite alarming for me and we don't have to entertain such nonsense; not at all.

How on earth could a junkie like Koku Anyhidoho, insult Bawumia [Phd] and with his party [NDC] elders looking on, unconcerned and for how long?

No need in re-echoing the words of Koku Anyhidoho; deputy general secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress Party. This idiot of a secretary, daft, bereft of common sense with no proper training and aorta of moral decency, plainly called Mahmud Bawumia [PhD] a useless man. Isn't it ironic?

Politics in Ghana has been made so cheap to the extent that a clown character like Koku, who never would have made it anywhere in life, let alone come anywhere close to Bawumia's integrity has the unsavory audacity to call Bawumia a useless man.

Cocoon Koku, Just a reminder, before Bawumia [PhD] got into active politics, He was by better, established and had an accomplished life far better than you Koku could ever have. I must confess, your consistency in buffoonery and trivialities is very much overwhelming and clearly unmatched! And I understand, that stupidity isn't bought, so did you get yours for free?

If you were smart enough, you would have realized that, blatantly insulting Bawumia and the NPP is never going to solve or stop the unending feud between you and President, John Mahama after you grossly disrespected him and his office when he was veep.

If by saying useless man, you meant, “someone who is smart, knowledgeable and won't channel his energies into creating, looting and sharing like you and your bosses do, then we love him to the bone. If by useless, you meant a man who is respected, responsible and wont smoke weed like you, then we love him to every bit. If by useless, you meant, someone whose tenacity and integrity are unsurmountable, then we love him more than ever. Unfortunately for you, same cannot be said about you.

Just before I forget, the integrity of the dogs in Bawumia's house, far more outweighs yours and anything you will ever have an association with.

Bawumia [PhD], the fine gentleman, whom you got the nerve to call useless, has in his own capacity helped a lot of people whose toilets and washrooms you do not even qualify to clean; your place can only be in the NDC-thats where miscreants like you can dwell and make a dubious living.

Going by Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur's principle, from hence, if you give us one insult, we will give you ten times of that. Let this be the last time you will ever call someone useless, otherwise we will respond in a more bizarre manner; don't forget you will be leaving office soonest.


Raphael Kumah Abolasom
[NPP, Bole-Bamboi Constituency]

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