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28.02.2005 Gossips

Kufuor "In A State of Quandary"

By Lens
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The Castle, the NPP headquarters, the home of a leading member of the Council of Elders, as well as the HIPC junction home of Mr. Kufuor, have all become constant meeting points to strategise on how to soak the pressure, since the NDC's announcement that it would be embarking on a series of demonstrations countrywide.

Dr. Obed Asamoah, the Chairman of the NDC and currently its leader per their constitution announced last Wednesday that his party, in collaboration with other interest groups would be hitting the streets countrywide in protest against the suffocating and murderous economic policies of the NPP government ever since it took over the reins of government.

Hoping that the NDC would just issue lame statements and leave the suffering masses to their fate just like it happened when they increased the price of fuel from ¢6,400 to ¢10,000 and then subsequently to ¢20,000 during their first four years of misrule, the government is panicking at the thought of the NDC's massive support base hitting the streets of the country.

According to Lens sources at the presidency, Mr. Kufuor has not been able to "function properly" since the announcement was made on Wednesday morning. "He has become very temperamental and snaps at his operatives over minor issues that hitherto he would not have even noticed let alone comment on" the source said.

The Lens sources stated further that the Mr. Kufuor, even before the NDC's decision to hit the streets, was already "in a state of quandary" considering the happenings in Togo where after the death of his friend and "tsofatse", the illegal act of usurping power by the army and son of Eyadema, and which was supported by his government by virtue of his ambassador being present at the swearing-in ceremony, has not only been condemned by ECOWAS, but also resulted in their imposing sanctions on Togo and asking member states to recall their ambassadors.

It is however not known if the NPP's Kwaku Mensa-Bonsu has been recalled, and if so whether he has returned home, since from the submissions of the likes of Kwadwo Osei Adjei, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, the ambassador does things out there "in his own capacity" without little or no regard for the policy guidelines of the ministry.

Other members of the NPP, including Haruna Esseku, Lord Commey, Dan Botwe, Baah Wiredu, as well as R.R Amponsah and his so-called council of elders, are also pulling out their hairs as they try to device means to contain the anger and frustration of the suffering Ghanaian.

Their major headache has to do with the two successful outings of the NDC during their first four years and knowing very well that Ghanaians are suffering, but not giving a damn because they have to satisfy the IMF and the World Bank as well as their philosophy of "let a few of us be rich while the rest of the people suffer", it is clear to them that the demonstrations would be massive and would certainly knock them of their feet.

If for nothing at all, the recent nomination of more than necessary party hangers-on to become ministers of state just for them to enjoy free petrol while the rest of us pay for it through our nostrils, when they knew that they were going to increase the price of petrol, is enough of a catalyst to move people onto the streets.

Obviously, the coffee shop mafia, led by Kwaku Baako, and includes the likes of Ben Ephson, Egbert Faibille, Baby Ansabah, Gaby Otchere Darko, Randy Abbey, etc., have been roped in to do what they do best – that is spin around the issue and throw dust into the eyes of the public.

This time however, they are bound to fail as Ghanaians are much wider-awake and are feeling the pinch of the inhuman and excruciating economic policies of the NPP government.