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23.02.2005 Gossips

Ghana International Airways - questions

By Roger Ramjet @SIL
Ghana International Airways - questions
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Is it true that GIA has a total of 2 staff, Mormons from the USA, who spend their time going from Databank to Fidelity to anyone else in Ghana who they hope may invest in GIA? Is it true that they have not found any international investors for GIA other than Ethiopian Airlines who will only invest if they can have the Accra to USA routes for themselves? Is it true that the $2.9M banked to the Standard Chartered bank account of GIA came from royalties due to the bankrupt Ghana Airways - and instead of using these funds to pay Ghana Airways creditors, like the staff wages for example, the $2.9M was diverted to the account of the new company GIA? Is it true that the Mormon partners have not paid any significant funds into the company yet? Is it true that the Mormon partners who will have 30% of GIA and 100% of the management control don't have to invest themselves under their agreement signed with Dr Anane? Is it true that all of the staff and benefits claims come to around $40M and Dr Anane's team offerd them $2M? Is it true that the staff have not yet been legally notified that they are being sacked due to the need to pay them immediately - and the only little money available has been diverted from Ghana Airways to GIA's bank account anyway? Who did this? Who has the authority to give such an instruction? Could it be Dr Anane? Where are our investigative journalists? So how does the President think GIA can ever really work? What could be the motivation for allowing these games to continue? These are just some questions I thought of. Does anyone have more questions?

Is there a living breathing press corps out there - anywhere?