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20.02.2005 Gossips

Beneficiaries of Eyadema's brutal Rule

By Baobab
Beneficiaries of Eyadema's brutal Rule
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Some Ghanaian government officials, both past and present, did benefit substantially from Gnassingbe Eyadema's brutal 38 years rule of Togo. I worked closely with some members of that regime and that's the reason I know. As the regime of Faure Gnassingbe crumples, the facts will come out. Below I present you with names of the people and how they benefited. 1. [Name deleted]: 2. [Name deleted]: This was an errand boy between Eyadema & [name deleted] 3. [Name deleted]: He provided information on the activities of the Togo opposition in Ghana and he was handsomely rewarded on a monthly basis. 4. [Name deleted]: This guy is in a business partnership with one of Eyadema's sons. Together they own hotel [deleted] in Accra. … I will provide more names after you publish this article

The general built and consolidated his power using terror, a personality cult, corruption and the violation of fundamental laws. As such it is not in the interest of his entourage that the house of cards the "helmsman" so patiently built should be blown away at the first breeze. Such an event would expose them, if not to popular retribution, at least to fair and due judgement in the country's courts. - Commentary by Boubakar Sy in Burkina Faso's Sidwaya

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