29.09.2016 General News

Energy Crisis Will Worsen If Mahama Wins - Matilda Asare

By Ridwan Issah Alhassan
Matilda Asare
LISTEN SEP 29, 2016
Matilda Asare

One of the most popular actress in Ghana, Matilda Asare, has warned Ghanaians that the country will encounter worse energy crisis in 2017 if President John Dramani Mahama retains power.

According to her, President Mahama and the NDC because of political expediency, have temporarily held on to stable power supply but Ghanaians will receive the shock of their lives after 2017 when the party retains power.

"If President Mahama wins this year's elections, trust me Ghanaians will experience even harsher energy crisis. As for now he is using every possible means to convince us that we have stable power but you vote for him and you will see their true nature," the popular actress warned.

Matilda Asare, who is also the Coordinator of the "Agya Koo Agenda 57% For Nana Addo" said Ghanaians can no longer trust President Mahama and his NDC administration to improve their lives having failed in the last eight years.

According to her, another four years of the NDC will be nightmarish experience for most Ghanaians, hence the need for change.

The movie star, who spoke on HELLO FM on Wednesday, also spared some words for Ghana's First Lady, Mrs. Lordina Mahama, criticising her for not doing enough to support the socio economic lives of women in the country.

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