Climate Seed Knowledge programme organised by RAINS

27.09.2016 LISTEN

By Comfort Sena Fetrie, GNA
Kpachelo (N/R), Sept. 27, GNA - African Biodiversity Network (ABN) in partner with Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS), has organised an exchange learning programme on Climate Seed Knowledge (CSK) to promote natural agriculture and local food sovereignty.

The event was to provide a platform for the effective sharing of indigenous farming practices in Africa.

It was also to create a forum for smallholder farmers to connect and achieve a common understanding on CSK activities.

Dr Fassil Gebeyehu Yelemtu, General Co-ordinator of ABN, said the growing mechanization of agriculture with the introduction of new variety of seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides is increasingly disintegrating the socio-cultural traditional practices.

He said 'all these are occurring due to the continued promotion of green revolution that emphasizes on the commoditization of productivity and the accumulation of capital'.

He said due to mono cropping and hybridization, ABN has established the CSK initiative which is an effort to change the current mindset particularly rooted in the young generation through building Community Ecological Governance.

He said the CSK initiative is a response to the challenges imposed by the industrial world against the majority of small holder farmers across the African continent.

Mr Tijani Hardi, the Executive Director of RAINS, said RAINS is one of the ABN- CSK partnerships which focuses on improving the quality of life particularly for children and women in the Northern Region.

He said RAINS focuses on building grassroots capacity to empower local communities and also helps to ensure equitable governance systems.

Mr Hardi said RAINS has been implementing the CSK as a sustainable agricultural policy to highlight the role of women in indigenous seed selection, preservation and maintenance process.

RAINS was established in 1993 to promote the rights of marginalised people and particularly women and children living in deprived communities whiles ABN is a network of individuals and organizations working at the local, regional and international levels.

ABN seeks to avert social injustices and environmental destruction arising from contemporary development paradigms.


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