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The Impact Crew: “Parent Me” 

By Shereena Barnes 
The Impact Crew: “Parent Me” 
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Born to a once happy couple surrounded with lovely people, I was said to be a blessing to the family. All were those beautiful wished and plans my parents had for me. As I grew up, the train of life parted from its original route yet the hopes of getting to my destination safely were high.

It was either I abjure or stay in the train with a growing uncertainty.

All those around and even to both of which I was a blessing to, gave up on the journey and even on me asking me to join them or they leave my fate in my own hands. It was such a difficult time of my life and a very hard decision to take.

Knowing what was implanted in me made me more confused. Those beautiful dreams, exceptional talents and aspirations caused me to go crazy. What do you do? Do I give up or leave everything in the hands of fate? I decided not to abort the opportunity of realizing my dreams but hey, what if fate doesn't treat me fairly?

I chose to pursue my dreams. The couples and lovely people all left me all by myself standing in the middle of nowhere not knowing which direction to take, until one day when things began to fall its place as I did my best to make situations go for my advantage; pulling the hairs out of my nose. The struggle was really tough.

Here I am today as a somebody, my parents demanding a monthly wage from me, those well-wishers now want recognition in my success story. Happy couples, parent us even if situations get worse for our success stories to be complete with your names.

Shereena Barnes
[email protected]

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