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15.02.2005 General News

JJ, Abodakpi & Anane For Court Soon

By Daily Dispatch
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42 year old civil servant, Mr. Kwaku Boateng, has suggested that one of the numerous civic society groups operating in the country should go to court and test whether a public official who states that relatives and friends have been paying huge sum of monies on their behalf can be compelled to disclose their identities.

Mr. Boateng, who said he could not afford the cost of such a court case because of his low income, referred to the disclosure of ex - President Jerry Rawlings, Mr. Dan Abodakpi, in recent past and that of the Minister For Road Transport, Dr. Richard Anane, that friends and relatives were paying the school fees of their children in schools overseas.

In a letter headlined RE: PAYMENT OF FOREIGN MONIES BY FRIENDS AND RELATIVES stated that “I have noted with concern, recent developments that need to be checked, to ensure that two pet slogans of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the NDC as exhibited during their terms of governance are adhered to. I am referring to the NPP's 'zero tolerance' for corruption' and the NDC's 'probity and accountability”.

According to the letter, he said recent developments, statements by the ex President Jerry Rawlings, in relation to the financing of his children's education that some friends were paying their fees.

The letter said a former minister for trade in the NDC under Rawlings, Mr. Dan Abodakpi, also explained that some friends were paying the fees of his children abroad.

“Now, in the course of his vetting two weeks ago, Dr. Richard Anane, nominated minister for road and transport by the president, explained that transfers of nearly UD$100,000 to Ms Alexandria O'Brien, the mother of his son, in the united states, were done by friends and relatives.” the letter said.

“I wish I could take this issue to the courts but unfortunately my average income cannot support the cost. The issue, which I hope one of the civic societies, with adequate resources will take this issue to the court. That is if the courts can compel a public official, who uses 'friends and relatives' excuse to cover expenditure, to reveal the identities of such 'friends and relatives', the letter further said.

He cautioned that if Ghana as a country is not cautious, it would get to a point where any public official who cannot account for huge expenses will use the excuse of friends and relatives paying out those monies.

Would we be surprised that a public official will one day say that his ¢ 1billion house was financed jointly by friends and relatives?

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