18.09.2016 General News

         Obuasi Elections: Obuasi MCE’s Promises on Education Fact- Checked

By Emmanuel Agyemfra Boateng/
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The Honourable Municipal Chief Executive for Obuasi, Mr. Richard Ofori Agyemang Boadi after his confirmation in July 2013 made several developmental promises that will go a long way to make Obuasi one of the best Municipalities in the Ashanti Region and Ghana as a whole. as a mouthpiece of the people has done a fact-check on promises made by the Honourable Municipal Chief Executive after he took over the mantle from the current Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. John Alexander Kobina Ackon in July 2013.

Mr. Richard Ofori Agyemang Boadi on his day of confirmation promised in his acceptance speech to make sure Obuasi Municipality gets a Tertiary Institution; “The establishment of a tertiary institution is one my priorities”, Mr. Agyemang Boadi stated.

Verdict: As it stands Obuasi has no government controlled Tertiary institution.

On the 22nd day of December, 2015 the Honourable Municipal Chief Executive outlined his programmes and projects for the various cost centers during the Second Ordinary Meeting of the sixth Assembly of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly and mentioned the establishment of Municipal Assembly Junior High School Blocks in Bogobiri and Asonkore and a Community Day Senior High School in Kwabenakwa respectively.

Verdict: Both the Bogobiri and Asonkore Municipal Assembly JHS Blocks are 80% complete with that of the Community Day Senior High School 60% complete.

Mr. Richard Ofori Agyemabg Boadi also promised to see to it that, the abandoned 8-Unit school block for the Kokoteasua Community is completed by the first quarter of 2016.

Verdict: The woods for the roofing, sand for plastering, blocks and other materials have all been left to the mercy of the rain. The school is still not completed.

The main objective for this venture is to make electorates hold Politicians accountable for all promises they make after their 4 years in office. This helps promote issue based campaigning and analysis.

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