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10.02.2005 Togo

Nkrumaistforum Calls For Ghana’s Decisive Action On Togo

By NkrumaistForum
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The Nkrumaist Forum unreservedly and vehemently condemns the military COUP that was engineered to install the son of Eyadema as Head of State after his father's death. We urge all democratic forces the world over to support the people of Togo in their struggle to end the usurpation of the Togolese Constitution. We strongly urge the government of Ghana to come out with a clear statement condemning the usurpation of the constitutional order in Togo.

The NkrumaistForum is of the view that there are no compelling diplomatic, security or economic reasons for Ghana to remain passive in the presently unfolding events in Togo. On the contrary, the NkrumaistForum is of the view there are all the reasons, including strong moral reasons, for a friendly neighbour like Ghana to take leadership in redirecting her neighbour back onto the track of constitutional propriety.

In the just concluded emergency meeting of heads of West African states, ECOWAS has reiterated its earlier stand on the unconstitutional transfer of power in Togo and called on Togo to revert to the status quo ante. A delegation of the Chairmen of both the continental Africa Union and the regional ECOWAS, among others, to be joined by the President of Ghana Mr Kuffuor, are going to Togo to convey the ECOWAS decision.

The NkrumaistForum strongly urges the Ghana President to use the opportunity to state clearly and unambiguously that reversion to the status quo ante requires the nullification of all constitutional changes since the death of Eyadema last Saturday, the reinstatement of Speaker Ouattara to the leadership of Parliament, installation of Speaker Ouattara as President, appointment of independent electoral commissioner to supervise elections in 60 days, and the institution of an electoral court to adjudicate electoral disputes.

The NkrumaistForum believes anything short of the above would be a betrayal of the good people of Togo and against the supreme interest of Ghana.

Isuued by

Nii Armah Kweifio-Okai, Chair, [email protected]


Andy Kwawukume, Secretary [email protected]

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