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09.02.2005 General News

More headaches for Sheikh

By Chronicle
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The Former NDC Member of Parliament for Ayawaso Central, Alhaji Said Sinare has warned that he would sue the Greater Accra Regional Minister-designate, Sheikh I. C. Quaye for perjury, should the Sub- Committee of the Appointment Committee of Parliament endorse his nomination. Speaking to the Chronicle in an exclusive interview, Said Sinare said, if Sheikh claims that he studied Islam under the tutelage of Sheik Moru Krachi then he should be able to point out who his classmates were. He said, even if his Certificates are missing he can bring his classmates to testify on his behalf.

According to Sinare, the qualifications the Acting Regional Minister is claiming he has, rather belongs to someone else, emphasizing he has enough evidence to prove that he does not have the certificates he was claiming.

“If a blind man tells you he would throw a stone at you, then he knows why he is saying that,” he said. Alhaji Sinare said, “I throw that challenge to him, because my own father who studied in Cairo and had his Masters degree in religious studies, masters degree in law and Arabic, did not say he was a Sheik. I mean he has to prove to the whole world that he has such certificate.”

Continuing, the Alhaji said if the Acting Regional Minister, still insists that he is a Sheikh then he should prove his assertion with documentary evidence.

He emphasized that he does not see the Ag. Regional Minister entering into the gates of heaven because he has lied after swearing with the Holy Koran.

“Sheikh has not dragged only the name of Islam into disrepute but Ghana as a whole.” He added.

Alhaji Sinare said this is the time he has to pay back sheik after tormenting him the whole of last year. According to him it would be a big shame for the President to press the sub-committee to endorse the Ag Regional Minister's nomination.

“At the end of the day we want Parliament to investigate all the allegations and come out with the truth, but if they don't we would see what we can do.” He reiterated.

“Sheikh has lied to Ghanaians, the President does not need to put him there as the Regional Minister for Greater Accra. If he dare does that, then that would mean that the credibility of the vetting committee is on the line.”

He commended the members of the sub committee for the good work they are doing for Ghanaians.

Sinare lost the Ayawaso Central seat to Sheikh I. C. Quaye in the 1996 elections.

He was also the NDC parliamentary candidate for the Constituency in the last elections, until a court action was brought against him over alleged registration irregularities.

This led to a re-run of his party's primaries in the Constituency, and the slot was won by his sister who lost to the Sheikh.

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