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02.02.2005 Tabloid News

Open letter To IC Quaye

By Mark One
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Dear Mr I. C. Quaye I am profoundly sorry to hear about your vanished certificates (whether it was due to flooding or demolishing the thing is that a vanished act has taken place) as a patriotic Ghanaian I have taken it upon my self to help found your old school to get them to send you copies of the certificates, unfortunately I have hit a cul-de-sac and I need your help to locate them.

Why the dead-end you may ask well can you confirm that your Cambridge School is the one at Electric Avenue, Brixton with the entrance sandwich between the Butchers and the Indian Take-away? If yes then it is a Sex shop now SORRY, or is it the one opposite the Tooting Broadway Tube station? Sorry it was closed down last year by the Home Office (Interior ministry in Ghana) why again I hear you ask, because it was a one-man-school the Indian man who ran the place was the teacher, administrator, cleaner, receptionist you name it SORRY.

Finally is it the one at Baker Street adjacent to the betting shop? Sadly it is also closed the place is now a coffee bar SORRY, I may be looking at the wrong places so old chap please send me the contact details via the webmaster (Ghanaweb) that is if you can find them, I promise to do all I can to get you copies of your lost certificate.

I remain

Mark One.

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