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01.02.2005 General News

I did not impregnate my sister-in-law -Bagbin

I did not impregnate my sister-in-law -Bagbin
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Accra, Feb 1 (JoyOnline) -- One of the major fallouts from the vetting process was whether members of the committee had the moral authority to raise issue with the conduct of some nominees.

In particular, it is being suggested that minority leader and ranking member on the committee Alban Bagbin had no business questioning Dr Anane about his extra-marital affair.

Speaking on Tuesday with Super Morning Show host Komla Dumour to discuss progress of the committee's report, Mr. Bagbin reacted to allegations that he had been involved with his sister in law.

He said the work of the committee is a reflection of the views of society and the allegations and facts presented in the petitions received from the people are made public stressing that they are not doing a personal duty but a public duty.

“It is untrue that I have impregnated my sister in law and I don't have any child with any of my sister in-laws and I have not neglected my duty as a father to any child anywhere”, he said.

Mr. Bagbin admitted that there were efforts for him to marry his sister-in law because it did not work out, “crosscheck from my family and everywhere”.

“Because I have come out and I am trying to hold some people accountable as a member of the appointment committee bear reference to that and the way it being looked at as a private matter is not private, its the people of Ghana who wants the scrutiny to be done” he said.

Quizzed whether his sister in law was living in his house, he replied in the negative.

Asked again whether he has had any intimate relationship with his sister in law, he replied in the affirmative saying that there were attempts by his family to marry his sister in law but could not work out.

“But I did not marry her, I did not impregnate her and I don't have any child by that sister in law”, he said.

He also refuted allegations that he is hiding under custom to prove his point, saying that “ In our place if it is something that has to be condemned it should be condemned and if it should be changed, yes it has to be changed but that is not to say that it does not exist”, he said.

The minority leaders admitted that his involvement with his sister in law conflicted with his religion and if I should be condemned on that, then “Yes I agree that I should be condemned on that and because I am being condemned on that doesn't, mean that others who have also committed similar acts shouldn't be condemned”, he said.

The minority leader and some members of the opposition have come under immense criticism for prying in what some perceived to be Dr Anane's private life.

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