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28.01.2005 General News

Ala Adjetey to forgo $90,000 benz

By Palaver
Ala Adjetey to forgo  $90,000 benz
LISTEN JAN 28, 2005

... We'll find him a cheaper one' THE Speaker of the last Parliament, Mr Peter Ala Adjetey, is to lose his "precious" official car, the customized 90,000-dollar Benz, which he treasures so much.

According to sources close to Parliament, the car will be collected from the Speaker, since the NPP authorities now consider it to be too expensive, to be given away, like "a parting gift" or as part of an End-of-Service Benefit (ESB).

Two other official cars, which were at the disposal of the former Speaker have been collected from him. One of them is a Toyota Land Cruiser, with registration number GE4056V.

It will be recalled that, on his appointment, Mr Adjetey returned a 70,000-dollar diesel Benz car, claiming it was "too noisy" and requested for the 90,000-dollar (petrol) type, less noisy and more "roomy and comfortable".

Although there was public outcry against the ostentatious life-style of the former Speaker, the NPP Administration acceded to his request.

Indeed, within two years in office, an amount of US$229,000 (over ¢3 billion) had been spent for Rt. Hon. Mr Peter Ala Adjetey's comfort.

This includes the cost of medical treatment abroad and per diem in Baltimore, which ran into US$67,000 (¢586 million).

A cost of ¢600 million was incurred on the renovation of his official residence (as per Ministry of Works and Housing Special Audit report). That involved the levelling of grounds, gardens and terrazzo works only.

The cost of rehabilitation, and refurbishment of the Speaker's office in Parliament was ¢450 million.

On top of that the Speaker ordered a ceremonial robe, which cost the nation ¢15 million.

All these did not include the routine expenditure, incurred on his behalf, such as salaries, allowances, fuel, accommodation, cooks, garden boys, stewards, free electricity, free water, free telephone (and perhaps free air, as well).

Once again, complaints by the public, on this show of extravaganza, were ignored.

The wonder now is how the same Administration, has now turned round to find the former Speaker's Benz car "too expensive", for the same person, simply because he is out of office.

Close observers have expressed surprise at the way decisions about the once most-favoured official in Parliament, could be taken, without his involvement.

For, since last January 7, decisions on the withdrawal of some priviledges, it is learnt, had reached Mr Adjetey like "a blast on his face".

Many wonder whether Mr Adjetey is now a spent-force, to be treated like a targeted opponent, whose wings must be clipped to bring him down to the level of an ordinary sea-watcher on the La-beach.

Others also wonder whether the treatment being meted out to Mr Adjetey will not raise eye-brows, or lead to suspicions, that he is getting what he deserves, because of his political background, as being no "mate-me-ho" traditional thoroughbred.

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