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27.01.2005 General News

Minister Chokes On His CV

By Chronicle
Minister Chokes On His CV
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AFTER several minutes of light-hearted banter and convivialities, the President's nominee as Regional Minister for Greater Accra, Sheik I.C Quaye was shaken with a mortal question involving his own curriculum vitae, prompting an embarrassing few minutes of drama at the appointment committee hearings. He described himself as a down trodden man and tried to make mileage on his political incarcerations to beef up his CV.

First was the matter of his profession he had listed on his CV as banker. But after a couple of carefully lobbed questions, the Sheikh was momentarily destabilized, forcing him to admit that he may not be a banker after all. He hoped the committee could make the necessary corrections. Honourable Quaye said he had worked for several years with the British West African Bank, and had begun to study for the Institute of Bankers course. Unfortunately , his family house was razed to the ground and he and his family were carted off to detention. End of his dream to pursue the bankers' course.

The minority leader who fired off the questions told him that, it was wrong for him to ascribe to himself a profession that he did not belong to.

But what unhinged the nominee was questions over his specific qualification and educational certificates. His CV read Cambridge School Certificate, with no date, Diploma in Management Studies and Diploma in Journalism. He told the committee that he obtained these qualifications through Correspondence Courses.

Could he produce them?, he politely enquired from the Sheik who spent a lot of time telling the committee how he was conferred the title which makes him one of 45 Sheikhs throughout the Muslim world.

To load uproar, Hon. IC. Quaye said that all his certificates got destroyed in the accident, which befell him and his family, an explanation which led people to murmur the name of Alhaji Moctar Bamba who had problems producing his certificates and was passed by Parliament only for him to be exposed later on by The Chronicle as a fraud.

This time, MPs did not want to take chances with nominees who come before them and are pushed through without scrutiny.

Alban Bagbin promised that they were going to take it up, and the Chairman of the committee, Hon Freddie Blay concurred, adding that they will take the matter up at the Committee stage.

From indications, the appointment will be put on hold. His vetting was characterized by lots of petitions and allegations him.

Bugged with many questions ranging from the demarcation of Accra, the issue of the stench in Accra, which gradually took centre stage of the controversy, he noted that the issue of filth is being exaggerated by the media due to the cleanliness of the ceremonial streets in Accra, indicating that there are no heaps of filth in the city.

On his avowed fight against mosquitoes, he noted that the concept is still relevant as put to him by a member of the committee. He further stressed that he has in his personal capacity voted ¢25 million cedis into the fight of mosquitoes in the region on order to curb the prevalence of the dreaded malaria which has now become the major killer in the country.

The Sheik described as interesting a petition before the committee, which called for his rejection. The petition alleged that he is an imposter and not a true representative of the Mosul world as he so claimed.

Another petition that came before the committee allege the imposition of his sister one Yemotele Quaye as the chairperson of an association in the Makola market.

This he described as not only unfounded but also ridiculous since he has no business in issues relating to the appointment or election of the chairperson of such an association whatsoever.

On the controversial contract with Group Chagnon a waste collection company and the question of the termination of their contract, it generated questions as to the reason behind its severance.

He indicated that the contract was terminated on sensing some form of impropriety in addition to the reports that the company was not performing to expectation.

Stressing that he did not benefit in anyway with the severance of the contract, he denied favouring his brother to subsequently win the contract adding that his brother had been working with the AMA for years before he became Regional Minister.

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